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NBA Street Basketball

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Nike Elite Championship Basketball
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  • Highly Affordable
  • Durability
  • Good Bounce


  • Some say it feels cheap

Average Price:


A Quality Brand

Spalding is one of the best sports gear manufacturers around today. The Spalding NBA Street Basketball shows that Spalding still knows how to make a great product, at an affordable price. The ball itself comes in 3 different sizes, the youth size (27.5″), the official size (29.5″) and then the intermediate size at 28.5″. Each ball is crafted using an ultra durable rubber cover to ensure that the ball lasts for a long amount of time.

The Spalding NBA Street Basketball features a deep channel, and pebbled feel give great grip to each ball. This allows each player to hold onto the ball and play with it more easily despite changes in terrain. Each ball also comes with the NBA official logo, which adds bit of professionalism to each and every ball. Since this is a basketball made to last, each ball can be played with frequently for years before needing to be replaced. Many people who have bought these balls comment on their style, their grip and their bounce. Since their are three different sizes to choose from, this makes it easy to find the correct size to match you or your child. However, although this ball is professional grade and made to last it does have some drawbacks as well as bonuses.

The Pros

– Affordable price.
– Very durable.
– The ball is stylish and professional looking.
– Awesome grip outdoors.
– Great rubber feel.
– Holds up to changes in terrain.
– Easily inflated.

Some Cons

– Occasional complaints about the bounce but overall it performs fine.
– Due to its price, the ball can feel slightly cheap.
– Requires inflation frequently.
– The ball can feel a little rough to some hands.

NBA Street Basketball

This Ball Stands Out

Basketballs are rather easy to find in this day and age and are offered in a variety of different sizes. The Spalding NBA Street Basketball comes in 3 different sizes, one being the NBA regulated men’s size which is not only great for at home play but for school gyms as well. This ball is not only professional looking but is also of professional grade and quality. The ball is made to last and hold up during a lot of outdoor play. It’s perfect for anything from just having fun to training and practicing basketball. The balls ship quickly and in official packaging. Each ball is also rather affordable at under twenty dollars, which is better than most balls under this level of quality. There are only a few complaints concerning this basketball, the most popular one being that it deflates quicker than they would like. However the ball in itself seems to be a great deal and seems to provide high quality for a very affordable price. Since the ball comes in 3 sizes, it is easy to find a size to match any future basketball star in your life, including your child.

Each Spalding NBA Street Basketball is durable yet usable. The ball offers great bounce and the best grip technology available. However some users have reported that the grip is a bit too tough on their hands, but that would ultimately depend on the user of the ball. Spalding has been coming out with many great sports items for many years now and are considered one of the top brands, next to Wilson and a few others. One can expect to get a great ball at a great price when they purchase this ball. The average rating for this basketball was a staggering 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many people feel that they have gotten very good quality for the low amount of money they had to pay to get the ball in the first place. This ball seems to be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys playing basketball, whether they’re training for the NBA or are just having some fun this ball will provide years upon years of enjoyment.

An Excellent cChoice

Finding the perfect basketball can be challenging, but with the Spalding NBA Street Basketball the choice becomes obvious. This ball boasts more than the average basketball could. Each ball is an official NBA ball, which means professional looking and feeling. Each ball is built to last and withstand any changes of terrain. Each ball is reported to have a great bounce to it. This ball also features the wide channel design which enables optimum grip. It should also be noted that this ball is made of quality rubber and comes with exceptional tracking and texture on the ball. Nearly every user has rated this ball as 4 stars or higher, which is amazing for a basketball. The ball is also very affordable at just under twenty dollars.

Whether you’re looking for a ball to help up your game or just to have fun with, this ball is guaranteed to please. It’s professional yet accessible and affordable and comes in a size to fit any member of your family. Never again will one have to deal with flat, cheaply made balls when they can own a ball of this quality. Overall, this ball may have some issues here and there but is a quality ball for an amazing price.

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